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Signet Psychotherapy

A Creative and Client-Centered Approach to Mental Health

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Talk Therapy

We often hold on to thoughts and feelings that seem too overwhelming to talk about. This is a space that welcomes all that you may be keeping inside. There is relief in finally being able to sit down and say whatever is on your mind. I am here to listen. I will support you in working through difficult emotions and experiences, and in feeling more secure as your authentic self.

Art Therapy

Sometimes our words aren't enough to express the depth and scope of our feelings and experiences. Art therapy promotes an additional layer of self-expression and self-discovery. It can help with expressing challenging feelings, gaining clarity on conflicts, and managing anxiety. It also can feel good to have time and space to be creative and make something new.

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Jennifer Signet Yovino


I am a licensed and board certified creative arts therapist with over 10 years experience in the mental health field. I became a therapist because being a human is hard, and we all need support, connection, and understanding - which I am here to offer. I value people trusting me with their challenges in life, and am genuinely committed towards supporting my clients’ mental health needs. My hope is that this will be a space where you feel seen, heard, and safe. When you leave a session with me you may feel like you are not holding onto everything alone, and that you have someone on your team. 

Everyone takes away something different from therapy, and we will work together in figuring out what works best for you. If we decide to make art during sessions, I will offer materials that I intuitively feel could help you in areas such as self-expression, grounding, anxiety management, self-understanding, and emotional processing. No prior experience with the arts is necessary, and I will guide as needed.

I graduated from Saint Michael's College in Vermont with a Master's in Clinical Psychology, and went on to complete a Master's in Art Therapy and Creativity Development at Pratt Institute in New York. I specialize in self-esteem, life transitions, anxiety, relationship issues, disordered eating, and trauma. I am body inclusive and LGBTQ+ affirming.

My approach is creative, client-centered, and collaborative. I believe that healing and growth are always possible. 

See what’s new at the office on IG: @jsycreativeartstherapist

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